Examples of Glock 42 front sights: Ameriglo (left) and Vickers (right). Note that Vickers sight is narrower, enough to see the hole to which it mounts. It is also taller. Of course, it is paired with a rear sight of the same height.

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:siren: Mothball's New Year's Eve Movie Night STARTING IN 20 MINUTES :watamelon:

-> https://tube.seriousposter.club/r/mothball <-

Come spend the evening in good company and see some nice movies! I'll put some youtube on before the showtime.

-Yuru Camp Movie (2022)
-Wicked City (1987)
-Ninja Scroll (1993)
Russian servicemen send messages to the world by forming phrases on aprons of airbases, for the spy satellites to pick up.
Women in Kyoto photograph a truck that transports the "Pornografitti 18th Live Circuit" exhibition.

A short video of T-14 at a training center for the mobilized near Kazan, Russia.
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