A perfect execution of a landing with a tailwheel. Because of single-engine landing, it was necessary to keep the speed above Vmc, the approach speed was high, and so the airplane rolled on one wheel. Then, as speed slackened and ailerons became less effective, it settled on two. Then, the pilot started to lower the tail gradually and the plane almost popped off. But the pilot didn't let the tail to drop and nothing bad happened. But you can see just why the tailwheel airplanes disappeared: it takes this much work just to land in fairly simple conditions. #flying
One feature of MUP-1 is that, unlike Polymer80, one cannot tell at a glance that a particular gun is, in fact, a MUP. #guns


Taking a budget #flight is the greenest practical way of getting from A to B for distances of more than a few hundred kilometres.

For a variety of political and historical reasons, #aviation is a favourite target of pseudo-environmentalists, which actually has a counterproductive effect in taking the focus away from aviation's *actual* environmental concerns (which are currently not very well understood).

In terms of #CO2 emissions, a perennial popular @burgervege
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Trying to add LRBHO to the Fraurem PPQ adapter. Cutting the windows was easy, but none of these 4 attempts at wire bending worked: a higher degree of precision is required than I can achieve with pliers. I'm afraid I need to build a jig, or break out the welder. #guns

Someone still remembers Xenoglossia (I didn't finish it).

"Clients often think they are Google. [But no, n]o one is Google -- not even Google."