I don't know how many people have the time for what Pod discusses here. When I needed a BCG, I walked into a store and bought a NiB one that was supposed to be Mil-Spec. I don't even know who made it. It was $120. #guns #ar15

"Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi has traveled to the International Space Station on a space shuttle and a Russian capsule. He’s now gearing up to launch on a SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship, becoming only the third person to launch from Earth into orbit on three different types of spacecraft.

"He will join a small club that, so far, only includes NASA astronauts Wally Schirra and John Young. Schirra flew on NASA’s Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo capsules, while Young rocketed into orbit on two Gemini flights, two Apollo missions, and two space shuttle launches.

"(EDITOR’S NOTE: This list doesn’t include Apollo astronauts who also launched from the moon inside NASA’s lunar module, in addition to launching from Earth on different rockets.)"

LOL nerds
#space #rockets #spacex #jaxa
@zaitcev It may help to know that Tokyo office of Red Hat is located in Ebisu. #redhat


Russian joke:

XXX: You know what they call a female of Mein-kun?
YYY: Mein-chan, probably
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