Oh, I see.
I can't shoot practice outside even airsoft gun so I envy you.
(I'm japanese)
I want to practice to outside (´・ω・)
Potentially important message for aircrew and passengers flying to Canada, today 2021-11-11:

"Here is what I know so far: We found out the hard way this week, while flying to the Toronto area..

CanPass will no longer work for Corporate flying as of Sept. 30. CanPass is still in effect for private aircraft.

As of very recently, along with Canpass you MUST have ArriveCan. The easy way to get this is with the ArriveCan app on your phone. The sign up is fairly straightforward.

You MUSTget signed up with ArriveCan BEFORE you call CanPass as they will want the 6 digit code from ArriveCan.

One other niggling thing signing up for ArriveCan: They ask for the airline, and you have to put something in that blank. The answer it to put OTHER in that blank."

#canada #flying
The momentum of Rhett Neumayer's Cheek Pistol continues to build, with a "duckbill" and other such things:

But as shooters experiment with the concept, they find that they want a vertical or even reverse pistol grip, if they shoot from a compressed position. And, a product for it already exists: the Mid-Evil 360 ARG:

That product was badly panned and mocked by Jon Patton in this TGC video:

Of course it was relatively unknown. but only 5 months later, FW and all other top youtubers posted Cheek Pistol videos and the thing exploded in popularity.

Nobody cannot predict the future even this close.

#guns #shooting #tgc #銃

youtube.com/watch?v=UvkIAv9Sa2 SHIROBAKOがろじんのすごさをよく伝えて、すばらしいアニメだった。

@HBVRaiden The new Springfield Hi-Power does look extremely good if you want that sort of gun.

Most notable is that it comes stock without the French required magazine disconnect which I’ve read got in the way of it having a good trigger. Fixing that would make it more difficult to defend yourself in court against an abusive prosecution. The review I just read says it had a very good quality pull with a medium weight of 4 pound, 13 ounces.

@Moon @awl I am having a feeling that the following video may become very popular for a couple of days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnOUrRTf6jg
Would one of those tenga things actually work as a suppressor? I might be retarded enough to try this using my mare's leg and subsonic .22. I wouldn't have to worry about having an adaptor since I could just slide it on.
@ConfederateHobo I was extremely disappointed by the CA .38 I tried out some years back. The hammer spur blocked the sight picture for much of its travel. Are you kidding?
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