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new year's resolution: save 60% of my income. i'm doing this.

so if you point your mouse precisely at the edge of 's dock and scroll that acts the same as scrolling on the activity button (changes workplaces for me). i accidentally did it a few times and wondered what happened, so now i kept trying until i could reproduce it. i wonder if it's intentional


it's hilarious that in 2018 people are still like "wow finally a female vocal fronted metal band" seeing arch enemy

after many years i concluded that no matter how fast you play that solo if it's just running up and down a common scale it's plain boring

The Toy Dolls - The Devil Went Down To Scunthorpe (One More Megabyte)

wake up thinking it's sunday
actually it's saturday
feels good



how do i turn a org.bouncycastle.asn1.x509.SubjectPublicKeyInfo into something that has .getModulus and .getPublicExponent?

※擬獣化 Twitterお題箱より、鶴丸とイッヌ丸

imagine licking sarasa's horns while

>read random blog about joshiraku casual clothes
so much shit taste
>"beg gg for faster translation"