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new year's resolution: save 60% of my income. i'm doing this.


>relaxing activities like dancing and singing
those are NOT relaxing at all

Yellowstone is crazy beautiful and I can hardly handle it.

[サッカー ドイツのエジル選手 “移民差別”で代表引退の意向]

someone threw this old thing at me and damn it's pure gold

oh look twitter MIT'd their emoji renderer JS

that thread made me close my home and notification timelines on tweetdeck so now i'm a one-way consumer of art there


i missed my goals for this week simply because i forgot what they were. i set the milestone on monday and only remembered a few of the tasks -- totally forgot that the rest were this week too until it was too late. gotta fix that next week.

you call it cyberpunk i say "wait that's where i work"


明日10時から会議入れられた つらりん


pizza would be much more delightful if it didn't bloat me

>We can't send mail farther than 500 miles from here
ah this made my day

撮影日 2018年7月22日
撮影地 朝霧
Midsummer morning is early. The sun rises as if sleeping.
Shooting date July 22, 2018
Photographer Asagiri

i think i broke migrations when i set up mount last week. gonna be a pain in the ass to debug because everything else db-related works