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new year's resolution: save 60% of my income. i'm doing this.



oh btw new profile pic, I'm using a picture I downloaded years ago so idk where it's from

people are always surprised i work listening to metal. apparently it's distracting?

One of the things I love to run for background noise is people doing stuff. Blacksmithing, woodworking, cooking, building PCs/little tech things, refurbishing old items/tools, building houses... people working helps me work for some reason.

Aside from putting on movies or shows I've seen enough times that I can easily ignore them, I rarely pop on new things when I need to get stuff done.

Anyone else pop on Maker-type stuff and/or How-to's when they work?

sounds like it rains chemical weapons in syria. must be a natural phenomenon since everyone denies using them

なんで月曜朝の電車ですでに熟成した汗の臭いがするんだよ シャワー位浴びろクズ

louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

oh so the ten watch such much was casablanca too

i had bacon and eggs for dinner and now i'm so pumped on energy as if i had three or four coffees this is pretty amazing

oh my god if this is real i'm gonna be so proud of my former coworkers


it feels so good when i build something and it works

it's reassuring because now i know the pattern and i can just pull the same off with any platform i try be it go or java