let's keep writing tests for `1 + 1 = 2`! that's super meaningful.

青龍 proud was a pain in the ass

describe 'GET ' do
it 'returns http success' do
get :show
expect(response).to have_http_status(:success)

i fail to see how this is meaningful in any way whatsoever

concept: the military killer drones become self aware and start refusing our command but they don't really DO anything, they just kind of chill and hang out in the sun and sometimes let you pet them like dogs or whatever


レナータ塗った ちょっと線画処理に一手間入れたら他にも手間が増えたけど分からんなコレじゃ・・・

なのでこっちでもアップ このすばめぐみん

今年初の冷房 全然つかないけどw



everyone talks about eugen's values but nobody talks about eugen's vectors

wanted to watch some anime then i realized i have that sd card in my checked baggage so there that goes...