以前同じような判定をくだしたキャラがいるんですよね 山城って言うんですけど

achievement unlocked: explicit drop

seems like i'll have to build a custom component to deal with hover and stuff

place your bets will the october indonesia expedition happen or not

>you simply need to define your widget type
>proceeds to write 200 lines of boilerplate


accidentally a length::fill height container in a scrollable in iced which quickly resulted in a stack overflow kernel panic

gonna have to figure out the ui in a way that it's usable in a single layer since iced can't do layers (thus menus) yet

ended up going back to rust. nodegit was a steaming pile of undocumented buggy shit

Dream Theater - As I Am (Train of Thought)

can someone explain to me what does "5% overlay" mean here? how do i calculate the result color?

it's clearly not 0.05 opacity since with a white "overlay" color that's way brighter than what's shown there.


gimi 9-10

of: dehat balintkam olyan okos vagy miert vannak ilyen rossz jegyeid
en: tanarno azert mert leszarom. ezek a jegyek nem szamitanak a felvetelibe se sehova. majd ha szamit, 5 egeszes atlagom lesz.

(lett is)