PCT Mile 175, 4/28/21, approach to Mt. San Jacinto. As the sun sets, I look back and realize I just hiked up that entire ridge line.

#pct2021 #pct #art #watercolor #mountains #sunset #backpacking #hikerart #sketch #drawing #sanjacinto

>my bladder is unionized and won’t work under those conditions

new favorite words lol

Mahou Shoujo Selen!

I raced to finish this drawing in time for her birthday, but after that I sat down, cleaned it up and added in some detail.
Reupload because I'm a huge fan and wanted to get it right.
Pixiv link:

it got context menus this july (almost 2 years later) so i guess i could give it another ride

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i should revisit github.com/iced-rs/iced . i stopped using it for gitegylet because they didn't have context menus at that point. github.com/valerauko/gitegylet

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