I’m curious, how many times do I need to listen to an album on Spotify for the artist to receive as much money as if I’d have bought the CD

And having thought all this, I just remembered that I've been trying to help my girlfriend set up a small business website. And finding that in 2020, I still have to do all the actual work building this site for her, because asking her to learn HTML and CSS and the billion other technologies piled on top isn't reasonable.

And remembering how Tim Berners-Lee's original vision for the web had every web browser also be a web editor.

Ended up down a Wikipedia rabbit hole reading about, and getting this overwhelming feeling that the entire field of computing has really lost something big over the decades.

That project may have been nonsense, but, it was actually pursuing radical ideas. It wanted to create something very different from what came before, to really change and push the state of the art in a way that I don't really see happening anywhere these days.




people: it's bad to put pineapple on pizza
same people: it's okay to put mushrooms on pizza