Is baking soda an ingredient that is always available in your home kitchen? Do you think it is simply a white ingredient with a fine powder that is odorless and used when baking or often to absorb moisture? However, not everyone knows that baking soda is extremely useful in cleaning. Thanks to the chemical nature of baking soda, you can easily mix it with a few other chemicals such as washing powder.

An unpleasant thing about pet urine on carpets is that the stain may come and go, but the smell will linger on no matter how long time passes. That’s why we must know how to treat the mess right so the smell won’t stay with us. It’s easy to find many solutions to get rid of the pet urine smell on carpets. But the problem is not every post on the internet can tell you exactly how to do that?

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Flooring the house with hardwood has become a new trend of decorating, especially for those who have a good budget. However, such high-quality material is not easy to clean. A sweeper cannot wipe all the dust and debris while not all vacuum cleaners are good at cleaning hardwood floors. Unlike other kinds of floors, hardwood floors are easily scratched by careless manipulations, which may decrease the premium look of the house.

It’s not difficult to list tens of items that pet owners often bring home such as cages, kennels, pet shower gels, pet clothes or pet food. However, have you ever heard that there should be a vacuum cleaner in the house when you have some four-legged friends? Many of us think that a sweeper is enough for taking all the pet hair away, but it is not easy to deal with hair left in difficult places such as on the sofa or in the narrow spaces between some furniture.

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