I’m being hate reported on twitter, here’s my backup account! >~< 🌸

🌸 20 commission slots opening this Saturday at 12 PM EST!! 🌸

I will be getting the 6 or 7 people in line processed before I work on these of course! ^u^ I look forward to working with you all :3

Have you ever had that dream where you forget to put on clothes before you go to school? ><

A boy and his turtle! For Flippenguin on Instagram! ❤️

I got hit suuuuuper hard by taxes BUT that’s only driving me harder :3
I’m gonna post multiple pieces I’ve had cached everyday and go overdrive with commissions, so hang in there anyone in line! Speaking of— more slots being announced soon! ❤️

50%off’s floof, Shion! 50%off is such a huge inspiration for me, I just wanted to do this as a way to say thank you >u<

A precious floof I did a little while back for mistress bunnie! 🌸