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It's been a while since i've drawn Sunnnyyyy boiiiiii
A little gift for @shiroum046 ! Happy birthday!

My part of an art trade with Chokoto0 on twitter!
Karate Boyo Kagutsuchi, from Tokyo Afterschool Summoners!

Was feeling a bit rusty so figured why not draw some more...
Research! 😋

I wanted to finish this for 08/01 buuuut.... well, better late than never! xD
Happy /belated/ Оԁаіbа ԁау!

My part of an art trade with @Dizzy !
His boyo, Miles~

Enta-nii always helps! :3c

Thanks everyone who were interested!
I am closing commissions for a little bit, but i'll be opening new slots in a couple of weeks! 🙏

A commission for DarthJamaay!
Wrath from Full Metal Alchemist (2003) and Yugo from Wakfu!
Thanks for the support!

Nat needs a toy to play with every now and then too :3c
Happy birthday @ZXmeko !!

Just in time for Sinday! :3c
A commission for @seatrooper ! Thank you for your support! 🎉

A commission for Devin, his character Akio!
Thank you for your support!

My commission info:

The show might be on hold for now but the research never stops!

Game niiiiight!
My part of an art trade with @JaredSteeleType !
Muh boi Kouta (left), and his character Kyle (right) enjoying some videogames!