Today sketches :D

Max is too cute for this world, remember to vote for the next boy

Johnny and Gil did this every night, obviously.

Just a random boy, Don’t get too close or he’ll break ur legs and top you

My part of an art trade with Jared12Steele on twitter, his OC, Gadget!

Norman! I just loved how he looks here. Hope you like as I do

Two boys realize they're not quite flexible enough

#shota #69

Super Sons, Art Curry, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne! Commission done by


First finished draw of Norman, I'll do 3 more like this if I find the correct pose, but you'll see a lot of sketches or flat colored draws. Hope you like it

Don't forget to vote for the next week boy
I can see a winner already but you can change that, we still have all the week

Exploring the region is much more fun if you have a good friend by your side.

To repeat what's being said below!

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Do not be afraid to ask questions!

Thank you and have a good day!