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Less clothes means more maneuverability. And it's just nice to look at. Shin's prepared for any job you throw at him!

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Congratulations, you rolled a Xingqiu - Liyue's finest!

Thank you anon for your request! Chongyun is my favorite but genshin characters are a real big pain to draw.

#chongyun #Xingqiu #Genshin #GenshinImpact #shota #yaoi

Good morning everyone here’s today’s drawing. Is it just me or when I draw anime it looks like an old art style?

Penises are a lot like snowflakes, they're all unique and pretty to look at, and catching one on your tongue is good luck. ❄️

Colored Sketch for cbalbuena on IB. Finished a long time ago. Thank you!

Good Evening,

-Last Day of November, Pt. 1-

Marcus has discovered something new, and now he tries to find time for his dirty secret

#gay #male #OC #shota #cartoonstyle #NSFW #nudity

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commission of a couple slutty Lalafells getting ready for a fun day of adventuring!

my boy Riri is on the left, and on the right is @curryxmochi

⚠️ The artist asked not to be credited. I will not be giving their name out

Rudy fan art i did a few days ago and posted to twitter. i think he's pretty neat. #mushokutensei #anime #shota #shotacon #sfw #fanart

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