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Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes with his dad. Commissioned from Yeidsil on Inkbunny
#shota #shotacon

Kevin Briefs ケビンブリーフ | JaredSteeleType

It's been a while since i've drawn Sunnnyyyy boiiiiii
A little gift for @shiroum046 ! Happy birthday!

The third patron reward of August 2020, Takato from Digimon Tamers.

My part of an art trade with Chokoto0 on twitter!
Karate Boyo Kagutsuchi, from Tokyo Afterschool Summoners!

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The first patron reward of August 2020, Shin, the patron's OC.

A commission of my favorite ship in the world (for now) hope you like it <3

Was feeling a bit rusty so figured why not draw some more...
Research! 😋

A picnic at sunset with your best friend, what more could a guy ask for?

I wanted to finish this for 08/01 buuuut.... well, better late than never! xD
Happy /belated/ Оԁаіbа ԁау!

My first attempt at a NSFW comic with Boner and Sucker (I think I'll name them Blake and Sean), and this took a while - even though it doesn't look that way.

I had fun with this (drawing, coloring) and the story is Blake (blonde boy) takes Sean (brunette boy) to a Killer Hand Puppet crossing then predictably run into a Killer Hand Puppet. But instead of being ripped apart and eaten, the KHP rips their clothes off while chasing the boys.

#gay #male #OC #shota #cartoonstyle #comic #nudity

A heroes job is never done!
captions are hard, so i'll leave it up to you all.

Jinpei ate a strange mushroom and grew huge and all his clothes exploded. His friends are getting quite the view :3c
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