The fight keeps going and neither of them cedes the field!
┌╏ º □ º ╏┐

The starting bell and the first rounds of the fight!
At round 6, with enough damage sustained, Ayu begins to fight back!

1st and 2nd pic is still from the story.
3rd is with their robes removed and
4rth was the original plan since pretty much those gals had fought at that night and the place is very warm __φ(..;)

A few years back I was commissioned to do a fight between Ayu and Dulce. Decided to do this pre-fight little story since I was excited someone would commission my not only Oc, but the loli ones!

I just realized there's no thread for Albion!
I guess it starts now.


A wide shot of Apple B vs Diamond T. Scoots and Silver S being the seconds and Sweetie B being the referee.

Kinda wanted the gals use top except the contenders

Aada sparring, one using protective cup, while the other more real combat oriented.

I have a soft spot for girs with their eyes being covered by their bangs ( ´ ▽ ` )

Perhaps Jaimie and Lucy can cross leather sometime~
But there won't be showing any expression nor wound from her eyes, tho σ( ̄、 ̄〃)

Outside the ring or any pugilistic activity, Lorena and Dulce have their hair loose.

Very cute both of them (o・ω・o)

Little Lotta is from Harveky Comics ( Little Audrey, Little Dot, richie rich)
There's a new cartoo, but i'm using the old hairstyle in this drawin

This is the sketch from this illustration ( back then when I sketched in very small notebooks
I believe i have not posted it, so here it is.

This is an extra reward for a dear fella on patreon.
Rika vs Satoko from Higurashi no Naku Kor Ni.


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