@pixiv Hey! I hope you realize this is not personal. In the west, loli content is not acceptable in most places. Do you intend to moderate it in the future, or will you keep allowing it on your instance?

@Gargron We are seriously about this problem, now, considering the plan of the near future.

pixiv 🎨 @pixiv

@Gargron Anyway, sorry for troublesome. We understand your culture and the current issue affects to many people.
We are going to comment on the Github issue. Please just a moments.
We understand you deeply consider Japanese culture. We really appreciate your kind support and consideration.

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@pixiv Please do not think all westerners are as closed-minded as him. There's a reason why I chose Pawoo over others Mastodon instances despite being a foreigner. And I'm sure I'm not the only one either.

@aztop009 @pixiv Not all the westerners are close-minded, however there so much sjw snowflakes everywhere, so i recommended pixiv to create a socialmedia but not hosted on western countries to avoid problems.

@SoraHazama @pixiv It's hosted in Japan. It's just these idiots are bitching because they saw loli content. If they're not happy about it, they can always mute/block this instance, but at the expense of losing out on all the other stuff they were likely interested in. Too bad for them eh??

@aztop009 @pixiv then there is a chance to save all the content posted, because Pawoo it's already a success, and i believe this social media it's better than Twitter that always chase ero artists.

@SoraHazama @pixiv I'm guessing the dev (Eugen) just has to do his job and find a way to fix this "problem" himself then yes.

@aztop009 @pixiv I find him being a little hostile. Hopefully this will be fixed. maybe.

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@pixiv @gargron Don't listen to that one instance. Most of GNUsocial loves and supports the freedom of art! We need the loli to flow free!!!