Sounds like Pixiv is going out of business December 16. You’d think one of they would partner with JCB to manage payments or even start a store credit card to maintain business. I guess that takes imagination and a forward thinking business model!

It was cold that night and even though he wanted to stay naked his mom made him wear clothes or at least his footie pajamas. Having the flap open and enjoying the breeze, David decided to go to the playroom and dance to some music.

In the second version he managed to stay naked and danced his little heart out in the playroom while listening to music.

Youguys decide which version you like best.

This pic was done by
#shota #Naked #Nude #nakedboy #nudeboy #buttboy

I think this might be the last Aaron for a time. I can't really come up with ideas to draw for him.

Commission for Asa. 2 4komas from Lena. Lena is a dark humor webcomic about the life of a little girl called Lena (you can find the webcomic in SFW btw. :blobcatpeek:

Pages 265, 266 and 267!
Forgay me for the tardiness, I've been busy as you know.

I was almost happy with making two pages and just remain slightly behind schedule this week but... fuck once I started drawing LS again I couldn't stop XD


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Lilo Swimming Scene 02. Thank everybody for the support = D. More to come soon ^^

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