@k0yangiart Follow me here just in case I get spanked for posting uncensored pixels u3u

F, Pixiv has caught onto my uncensored posts lmao. Should I jump ship to baraag instead of Pawoo as well?

Attempting a stream, join for possible chaos. No audio, so feel free to listen to your own music or whatever! piczel.tv/watch/k0yangi

@Renabu might be super random but I do wonder if I've come across you on SL before :p_chan1:

Good morning daddies

would anyone care for a sweet nothing?

I took a shower and dropped the soap and it landed in the toilet 😔

Bath mole, bath mole, havin a bath, doing mole things. Bath mole. For Avogadro!

Another artist question: Since Picarto doesn't allow it, where do y'all stream your cub/shota/loli arts? :1096884_owl:

Uuuurgh, bad art block.
What do you do to get out of a slump, artists?

塗ってる途中でやっぱり伊織くん一人の方がいいなと思って没にした表紙👼 pawoo.net/media/sEOUIpe8c8-rY1

Have your character featured in an artbook! 8) Details here: inkbunny.net/s/1864555 (if you don't have an account, feel free to reply here for bids)

Been drawing so much today my tablet pen actually ran out of charge, but I'm not planning on slowing down D:<

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