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Commission info


-Payment upfront once a sketch is approved (PayPal)
-Make all changes and requests during sketch phase pls
-I reserve the right to post the image I created, and you can post it if you like.

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Jack is answering questions for March while I'm working on future pieces and commissions.

poor Jack has been getting overwhelmed by all the gifts hes been getting from his admirers.

OC Tanner and his big brother, DJ, will be having some fun in the new sketches I'm working on UwU

#shota #shotacon #OC #sketch #WIP #boys #brothers #whereswill



1st- Marcus Chee, Sawyer (Trevor) Thompson, and Barry (Tyler) Spencer - with Kyle Walker (1st square), Hibiki Ito (3rd square), and Anthony Baker (6th square)
2nd- Aiden Spencer, Reggie (Geno) Townsend, and Harley Smith - with Ryan Tso (3rd square)

#gay #male #OC #shota #cartoonstyle #NSFW #nudity

Good Afternoon,

-On a British Channel, in the US-

Marcus watches late TV for a particular reason but he doesn't understand why he does it

#gay #male #shota #OC #cartoonstyle #nudity #yaoi

Im collecting info, who are all the shota characters of marvel?

Prota played a game of darts against some local boys and lost, so they dared him to ride the bus naked.
Poor baby! 😊

Don't you just hate it when you forget you ordered pizza and you dont have your tip ready? comic

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