Pinned toot plugging this again if you have a suggestion for a drawing or have a question about one of my ocs
(might even draw response :X )

bunch of random sketches over the week

A heroes job is never done!
captions are hard, so i'll leave it up to you all.

jacks at it again, new games come out hes gotta work.

idk felt like doing some eye glow

The ninth patron reward of July 2020... Elio and Elio managed to find a solution to their problem.

weiner rubbing, and touching butts aside. sometimes i just wanna make people laugh rather than horny, but then again. why not both?

Look, I get that goten and trunks are the trend, but why never shota goku and shota vegeta
like they have great chemistry as adults just shotaify them

ugh i like how well i did, but i dont really want to continue

Your Majesty, where the hell is Dino Time?

one of my most absolute favorite digiboys needs some love

Ian found a new use for levitation magic!
Just a sketch I want to make digital soon..

part 2 of grab dick, timmy doesnt hold back

Another picture of the nameless OCs, not sure what to name them but I think I'll give them codenames: the blonde haired one is '69' and the brown haired one is 'L' (or Boner and Sucker)

#gay #male #OC #nudity #cartoonstyle #shota

this outfit just sparks that gay energy that brian likes

one of my favorite shotas, flapjack