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After two months, I'm finally done with my 12 hour shifts, so had time to do some beidou doodles, I'm super rusty from not practicing as often but oh well

高速のインターの電光掲示版に「飲酒運転 無残な結末 自滅の刃」って出ててやかましいわってなってる

quick shinobu thing cause i havent been drawing recently


トムボーイちゃんVSおっさんorビッグコックモンスターな絵が描きたい気持ちはある 描けるかは不明orz

i suck at lineart, so have it alteast with colors and effects

i want to lick

edit:added non glowy version

トムボーイ で所謂ボーイッシュキャラを指すとは夢にも思わず 英語難しいね

The picture of Tom Boy before was also cute. I am looking forward to updating the picture. I also want to see the elf's daughter again.


所謂、男の娘絵なのかしらん tnkは描かれてないけど たくし上げtntn絵も好き(幅広く浅い性癖を持つおっさん)

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