#shota #fleshlight

Mawuli enjoying a tight fleshlight. He wanted to see what it's like compared to a real ass. I think he liked it.

I met some great people on baraag. But I am pleasantly surprised with how many 3D shota artists are here. It was not that long ago when 3D commissions were not possible due to the amount of work/time needed and cost. That is changing. You will see me post some upcoming and new 3D commissions soon! My first 3D commission was with @meke2tamago (twitter) using his OC's and it is one of my favorite commissions I have ever done. Amazing artist. Enjoy! Part 1 of 2. #shota #sex #yaoi #boy #naked

Part 3 of 3. The conclusion and climax!

This is my 2nd commission with Koe. Artist Info: Twitter: @Koe_Nemu and his Fanbox: fanbox.cc/@minamikoe -- A fun and very talented artist. #shota #teenboys #naked #cum #orgasm #pool #summertime

For the HD version go here: img16.cweb-pix.com/images/2022

Part 2 of 2. My 5th Commission with with the amazing Daikung -- @daikung. Enjoy my OC Cris getting pounded and taking it very well.

Part 1 of 2. A few sexy illustrations of a popular commission I did with Fuji. Fuji wishes his images to remain censored. #shota #shotasex #teenboys #naked #sex

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