Ah, another sunny day. As we all descend into poverty and democrat run hell, know this, for now, sunshine is still free. As of this writing, the Dow Jones is down, -543.64, the NASDAQ is down, -250.34 and the S&P 500, is down -78.82. If Joe Biden were a republican president this daily occurrence would be blasted to the normies.

This is good, I promise you. Republicans oppose, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was created by eugenicists, to reduce the black population in the USA. Democrats love Planned Parenthood. Republicans are racists.

I thought Fuck Joe Biden said the Ruble was turning to rubble, didn't he? The democrats are incapable of facing reality, telling the truth or being able to maneuver their hands accurately, from a paper bag. Those sanctions are working positively, if you're a Russian. The west have turned into little faggots and trannies and will burn like Sodom and Gomorrah.

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What the deep state swamp people hope you'll never see. This is the the cause of all the Supreme Court news, so that it will distract you from knowing about The movie, "2000 Mules", a film about how the 2020 election and how it was stolen, in the open. After you watch it, you can buy it here at 2000mules.com/. lbry.tv/@BannedYouTubeVideos:4

Only fifty-seven republicans in the House of Representatives, agree that American needs are more important than the need to sustain the failing war in Ukraine. We need to get all their names, because those are the representatives that we need to keep. The others are rino republicans who must be discarded. We need to know their names too. ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/

The 2020 election was rife with election fraud. Where there is smoke, there is fire. lbry.tv/@QuantumRhino:9/2000-M . At your convenience, watch the movie, by Dinesh D'Souza Media.

Why should Americans, especially right wing Americans, like me, care if China invades and enslave Taiwan, Hong Kong or anywhere else? Does any of those countries that are within China's sights, believe in an armed citizenry? If not, they deserve to be enslaved. Fuck them just like Ukraine.

To date, so called misinformation have killed zero people, however, dictatorships with propaganda ministries, have killed many millions of people. odysee.com/@AwakenWithJP#9/the

It is high time that we put old Chuckyou Schumer to pasture, in a desert somewhere. This guy is an enemy of freedom, has been a government parasite his whole life and like all democrats, he is totally shameless.

Money for nothing and the chicks for free. I'm still fuming that when the republicans ran congress president Trump couldn't get four billion dollars, ($4 billion), for homeland security and a wall at the border, but the criminals in Ukraine have already received fifty billion dollars, ($50 billion), to steal.

Justine Trudeau and the elected liberals of Canada, are above the law, thanks to the conservatives. lbry.tv/@RebelNews#9/The-RCMP-
looking at a story in the Globe and Mail revealing that the RCMP seriously considered charging Justin Trudeau with fraud over his 2016 Aga Khan trip — a story that was later changed by the news outlet to run cover for the prime minister. FULL REPORT: rebelne.ws/38tDYCx

Congress and la Casa Blanca, to America,"Get used to foraging for bugs, walking and biking to work, we have to take care of Ukraine with $US50 billion." Meanwhile we must have big government regulating America's online speech. lbry.tv/@AlexJonesChannel:c/CN

Have anyone else noticed these new fire hydrants? They must be expensive, since, I've only found two so far in my town. These are a little harder to open up since the locks are internalized so one's going to need some very large Hex Bit Socket drivers with lots of leverage to open them up. I forgot to write down the name of the manufactures, but I'll get it next time I'm around.

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Hello fellow MIsskey Lover. There are only 2 apps that work with MIsskey: WhaleBIrd and TheDesk and they dont work that well. The Misskey Web UI kills my laptop battery lol

I love Misskey way more than Mastodon or Pleroma. However, for now, when I use Misskey, I have to break out the web browser. With Toot, the text based solution to using Mastodon, I can shoot my posts right here from Vim. I've tried using Toot with Misskey, but it doesn't seem to work.

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