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@YoshiMinion As far as my own art goes, you'll see "normal" appropriate art along with porn. Some problematic things like: BDSM, incest, watersports/urolagnia, possibly rape(faux too), abuse and shota will appear as well. Other things that(might be) include: furry(Pokemon and Youkai Watch), aliens(Keroro Gunso only), and whatever else might come to my mind. Even if I haven't drawn it, doesn't mean I won't unless stated otherwise so always be cautious when viewing my work.

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What to expect from me on this account: Random headcanons of my favorite characters, real life stuff going on with me, art and whatever else I decide to put here.

OC 人おに×人外ショタBL

I wish there were more episodes where they blushed. (The only other time Beavis blushed was in "Canoe" tho that was more from anger rather than embarrassment)

Thinking about making a Curious Cat account. If I do, would anyone ask me things? 🤔

Practically everyone now: *lusting after the vampire monster chick with big tits*

Me: *lusting after the blonde, 15 year old and mentally challenged dumbass*

I can't help but to simp for Beavis wearing a crop top. He's just...fuck, he's so hot...

Expect more of that in the future(maybe I'll have Butt-Head wear one as well).

Ero guro 

Never thought I'd be the one to draw Bobby Hill with a huge dumpy. That boy ain't right~
#bobbyhill #kingofthehill

次回発行予定のモブゴウ本の表紙です 5月末~6月上旬を目安に通販にて発行予定です 一年半ぶりのモブ本なのでまだ上手く内容をまとめられていませんが, 宜しくお願いします.

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