I do have another one on mastodon.social, but it's not really updated much. Of course, the best way to keep in touch with me will still be twitter, twitch, discord, or even my own site and email. And yeah, my tumblr is still active too.

I do have an account on matrix through Element and one on Guilded that are dormant. Mostly just there to check it out.

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Not sure if mastodon will be getting a bunch of folks from twitter, but if so, this account would be my main handle between the different mastodon networks. It's at least directly linked to my pixiv.

I don't update this account much, but it'll be here in case! Have a sheep yogurt!

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Hello guys, yeah, I'm still alive! I've mostly just been posting on twitter and streaming on twitch.

Yogurt saw a familiar figure lurking around.

“I just thought I saw somebody familiar.” - Short Comic - Snooping

Terry went to pick up some last minute movie snacks!

“Didn’t we just eat not too long ago?” - Short Comic - Movie Munchies

Yogurt has a hard time wearing two pairs of glasses.

“I think you’ll just have to make do with that.” - Short Comic - 3D Glasses

Risa doesn’t want to be late for the movie trailers!

“We’ll only miss the trailers and preshows.” - Short Comic - Trailers

Risa and Terry are having a double date with their friends, but Olivia isn’t coming along.

“Like, what kind of excuse is that?” - Short Comic - Close for Comfort

Yogurt and Berry are wondering if Risa and Terry are official.

“Risa and Terry. Are they official?” - Short Comic - Official

Last comic for the month! The kids at the nursery remind Yogurt of herself growing up!

“I start to understand Mama a bit more.” - Short Comic - Parallels

Yogurt apologizes to Berry for trying to steal his blankie.

“Why would I need to be sorry?” - Short Comic - Saying Sorry

Yogurt’s in trouble now. She has to stand in the corner.

“Stupid. Stupid, stupid.” - Short Comic - In the Corner

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