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Summer time Risa and Terry! Just like Yogurt and Berry last time, these two are getting ready for the summer! Risa is donning a cute one piece swimsuit and Terry is looking like quite the hunk.

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Summer time Yogurt and Berry! These two are getting ready to tackle the summer heat! This was a lot of fun to draw. I had every intent to make this into a print and put my new printer to good use.

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YAY!! This is a huge moment for the Yogurt Short Comics series! This marks the 1000th comic mark. After almost 8 years of drawing, writing, and developing the Yogurt series on my own, I've finally crossed one of the biggest milestones for the series!

I haven't been on Pawoo very long, but I hope to reach out to some people here and just help brighten their days with my comics, even if it's just a little!

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Winter Yogurt wall scroll! After finishing the illustration, I made a mockup wall scroll to see how it will look like. I'm still working on the Berry Version of this. I have hopes to have these printed out for real on nice satin cloth.

Yogurt saw a familiar figure lurking around.

“I just thought I saw somebody familiar.” - Short Comic - Snooping

Terry went to pick up some last minute movie snacks!

“Didn’t we just eat not too long ago?” - Short Comic - Movie Munchies

Yogurt has a hard time wearing two pairs of glasses.

“I think you’ll just have to make do with that.” - Short Comic - 3D Glasses

Risa doesn’t want to be late for the movie trailers!

“We’ll only miss the trailers and preshows.” - Short Comic - Trailers

Risa and Terry are having a double date with their friends, but Olivia isn’t coming along.

“Like, what kind of excuse is that?” - Short Comic - Close for Comfort

Yogurt and Berry are wondering if Risa and Terry are official.

“Risa and Terry. Are they official?” - Short Comic - Official

Last comic for the month! The kids at the nursery remind Yogurt of herself growing up!

“I start to understand Mama a bit more.” - Short Comic - Parallels

Berry thinks Yogurt’s in a hurry to become a mother!

“It’s too early for that!” - Short Comic - No Rush

Yogurt apologizes to Berry for trying to steal his blankie.

“Why would I need to be sorry?” - Short Comic - Saying Sorry

Yogurt’s in trouble now. She has to stand in the corner.

“Stupid. Stupid, stupid.” - Short Comic - In the Corner

Baby Yogurt wakes up her parents in the middle of the night!

“Are you laughing at me?” - Short Comic - Night-waking

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