I know I haven't been on for awhile, but I promise I have a TRUE explanation for this Ok so listen up, I have been working on making a page where I'll post the fanmade pokemon I show y'all on pawoo and even exclusive ones that I haven't posted yet. Not only have I been busy with making this page, but the team is having problems deciding new pokemon ideas and stuff, but the point is that we'll make it through these tough times and I'll start posting new content soon, thanks for listening, g'night

Here is another pokemon for the Melendian region, star & boost!

Sylveon-Chan has made an appearance on 'sum"'s channel! woop woop!!! Like I said before, go to youtube and subscribe to 'sum' -chan

Mithical pokemon Mystey. Myths say that when ever a thick mist falls over Aracel beach Mystey is near. Myths also say that if you ever encounter a Mystey that they will heal your pokemon and show you the way out of the mist. -chan

just a meme cuz why not, this backchannel needs some humor


And HUGE thanks to meNmyselfNhim, FerniG66, fando, Flow3r [COMISSION OPEN], Rinleu, にこ, Tar, ExoticSmoothie1, Vaultdweller, and CuliFog 🇸🇪 for being our first 10 followers

Also when I say 'we' I mean me(Jackson) and Alyeck because only we were doing the remakes. Altho most of it was like tracing over a blurry image and improving the color saturation, which was easier than it sounds(probably doesn't even sound hard) but I still hope you like the names Shelsey gave them and the stats and that stuff. We'll make a shiny Thundelem in the future, for now this is enough ig. Also please follow, star, and boost because it gives the team alot of motivation and helps alot

Here's another remake, it we didn't give it a shiny(we forgot😂 ) and we also couldn't decide the size comparison between the pokemon and a trainer since we all disagreed on that. But hey its here and remastered so help out by giving this a star and a boost. Enjoy!

Water type Melendian starter, hey It's Jackson here and I just kinda helped on the remake for this pokemon. if you recognize it, thanks cuz you were probably here when Sylveon-Chan was starting. Um, we nvr really tought this pokemon as a starter tbh we just saw it as a cool pokemon you would get at the ending like Garchomp, but then we saw the potential in having it as a starter(we had no ideas for a water one) and boom there you have it, anyway please star the post and boost, it helps. Enjoy!

Legendary pokemon Faeray, "This pokemon that brought festivities and the joy of parties to humanity." We all worked hard to finish this legendary pokemon as soon as possible and we are all very tired from all the hours we used to make this. Making pokemon is all fun and all but I'm gonna stop posting for a while because the team deserves some well earned rest. Hope y'all enjoy our post number 135! -chan

Also, not saying you should go subscribe to Secret21bobby but
You should go subscriber to Secret21bobby because his videos are the second best after TrueGreen7

Here's a suprise pokemon me, Shelsey, and Xotchil worked on while I also work with Dalton and Jackson to making the legendary. Technically Nurse Joy's companion, hope you like it.

My next posts might take a while, but I'll be making my regional legendary pokemon, actually we already started making them, well, and idea of what they'll be and what they will represent. So see ya!

Also, thank Dalton for making this beautiful background of a pokemon habitat.

Yea.. Scratch the Ghost type starter pokemon, I'll keep it the same Fire, Water, and Grass type kind of deal for the Melendian starter pokemon. So anyway here is the grass type Melendian starter.

I took these two and changed them a bit and put them together. Pretty easy really👍 😋

Look at the master piece I made in my Interactive Media class👌 🤩 🙃

These pokemon do not belong to me, they belong to DeviantArt, I had nothing to post this week since I haven't finished up the pokemon I'm working on. So enjoy fanmade pokemon from someone who does them better than me!😛

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