Sometimes I feel like winter will never end . . . Anyway here is another Ice-type pokemon(we haven't made that many anyway)
And rememeber to Star, Boost, and reply what you think about the pokemon!

I hope y'all chose your favorite Ochonty and commented about it(good job Sylveon, real smooth..) because I think it's time to show you MY favorite Ochonty

This is gonna be the flying type pokemon you think its trash at the beginning of the game but becomes bad@$$ later.

If you are asking why the backG is different I shall tell you that it's because this was an OG idea from a good friend of mine, Jorge. Its doesn't have stats because I never asked him what the stats should be😅

@SylveonChan Además, Joseph es el JoJos que vemos por mas tiempo y en sus diferentes etapas, me da mucha ternura en Diamond is Unbreakable... Muchas gracias querido, espero pronto poder verla.

I present the Legendary Pokemon for the ! And I really hope y'all like these the same way that we feel proud of them. If you would like to continue seeing all the pokemon were made and will make in the future then please follow, it would help us out a lot ad don't forget to Star, Boost, and reply something nice if you want to.

I don't have many followers and that's okay because I'm actually not looking for followers. Here in my workspace all I want is to share my creativity and my skill, I make art and I specially like to make pokemon because I know that if someone likes pokemon as much as I do then they will smile at the sight of such creativity because making pokemon is my way to show the world how I would like to see the world, how my creativity can see the world. And I don't need followers to see. Happy 200th post

If you have ever seen the original Disney's Dumbo, this might remind you of something..

Announcement: I will not be posting anything after today due to me having to leave to do some "court" stuff.
Anyway this was inspired by my favorite movie since I was a kid, Disney's Pinocchio.

While there aren't actual bamboo in Puerto Rico, I remember once when I was young I saw a plant that was similar to the bamboo and so, here it is. If you like this pokemon like always please Star, Boost, and reply your opinion on it. -Chan

And is you thought only Mr Jack and Mr Alyeck made pokemon(technically I'm the one making them, the rest of the group gives me ideas and help with the overall design) here is another poke-evoloution-pair from Shelsey and Xochitl. Star, Boost, and reply what you think.

We haven't been letting down have we? Because if we did, here is another pokemon, this was exclusively mine and Jack's idea. I did not need to mention that but Jack really wanted me too so there is that. Star, Boost, and reply what you think about this or our previous pokemon. -Chan

Another post(EXTRA) because we actually finished our next bug pokemon a few minutes ago, also who gave a preview for Clewkit?

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