**from First Time Ruffle on Twitter**
Winner is @GTiger_AD Congratulations!

Thanks everyone to join First time Ruffle , see you next Ruffle. (maybe)

Tuez (Nude Beach) {Original Character} [October 2021 Reward]
for who support October 2021 only, please pledges before end of month.

SFW&NSFW , have 3 CG set different and Story Chat.

Sollyz (Outdoor) {Original Character} [October 2021 Reward]


for who support October2021 only, please pledges before end of month.
SFW&NSFW, have 3 CG set different and Story Chat.

Thanks so much for support September 2021

Reward Sent! please check! , if who support but not get reward please message me on Patreon!. You can check the previous reward you can get on GUMROAD with the link below!
Thank you so much for everyone's support

Comic The Swallowed Light! Ch.2 (League of Legends) [Sep/2021 Reward]
for who Sep/2021 only

Ch.1 and Animated Gumroad : gumroad.com/sollynaka

October reward , will be my OC & mini reward
next month , i need rest for traning , but the reward will be my OC character that sure ,
for mini reward, is no animated , or something else

if im ok , maybe is normal reward , So im announce before

Thank you.

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