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🎵Ko-Fi 🎶
🎵Ko-Fi を募集します🎶

Doing only format (still need to learn other chip formats like FC/​NES, SFC/​SNES, etc./など/usw.). Options available for PCM drums &/or vocals (at extra fees).
If opting for budget, please make sure you own the rights to your MIDI source (or authorized by its author to use it).

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Also, InfoCheetah –the site that serves ads to my Pawoo front end– is down. So, we’re temporarily ad-free!

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Only Telegram seems to be working for now. Plus Twitter & Fedi.

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Discord is down & so seems to be Matrix too, what the fuck?

These Reimu & Sakuya portraits were color-edited from this original Pixiv art collection by @dnobi
to whom I extend full credit.

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