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Sleep is a terrible substitute for caffeine.


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so many mutuals - yet I always just come across posts by a handful in my timeline. even when I interact with more than said handful often. if I wanna see how others are doing I have to actively go and look.

fucking twitter man.

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We're aware of ongoing DDOS attacks affecting @Titanfallgame.

To the Titanfall community: Help is coming ASAP.

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After the scan I thought we could have some fun with it, SO BEHOLD, GUNLESS DUKE

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@YorkshireReborn @Pussyboi_ Slightly closer to the original.

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@bdelrizzo Uh, Bryan. The nVidia windows media player skin doesn't render properly on windows 10, it needs to specify that no part of the frame is to be drawn.

I assume you'll supply a patch soon.

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A good friend of mine and talented videographer has released the first of a series of blogs about moving to Paris. He is a Fluent in French, English, Japanese and Norwegian and does the video in several languages fully subbed in both English and japanese.

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@_moyparra Please inform Respawn that a hacker has made titanfall unplayable for the last 3 years, and that i have not been able to play the game once since i bought it. If none of you are willing to adress trhis i will be forced to make this into a class action.

>Lay down; Wide awake can't sleep at all
>give up and get up; too tired to do anything productive

Why am i like this?

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