♡ Chelsi is so excited!! ♡
Show her the thing! She can't wait! Look how happy she is!!
Thank you to my patrons for choosing and supporting me in making this ♡♡♡

(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ I'm holding a poll for a thing to animate on my patreon.
Consider becoming a patron and vote if you'd like (*´꒳`*) patreon.com/scorci

Chelsi Trainer Card! ♡
♡Soft sheep with cuper cute pokemon♡


Everyone giving Chelsi gifts and lovely treats
for her birthday yaaay!!

Hewwo~ ♡ The Big Hug shirt is now available! ♡ -(Nini incwuded)
Pwease buy *:・゚✧(,,・꒳・,,) !!

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