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Small changes. Chelsi update!

Japari Park here she comes!!
Chelsi on her way ^U^

ニュメちゃん パーフー

Animal Crossing Chelsi and Tsuki

*:・゚✧(,,・꒳・,,) !! Nini is weady fow BIG HUGS !!


Hewwo~ ♡ The Big Hug shirt is now available! ♡ -(Nini incwuded)
Pwease buy *:・゚✧(,,・꒳・,,) !!

I made Chelsi emotes


♡ Baba is you stream ♡
~ 3pm EST ~ 🚩
Will be live here: 🐑🐑

I reached 10k followers on twitter :D!!! <3 I'm very happy

During the March of the cuties(robots)
In my Discord Tsuki the Tsuchinoko escaped the title and is attacking the city We need to stop this munching menace!!
if you wanna join and stop her by any means necessary then here's the link (<`▽´)―━━☆⌒*.✿ discord.gg/Jvzwde

Oni Research...♡ (Short Sketch animation)
Such a helpful Oni coming too Zabella. :D

Zabella woke up late. it's like 1:10pm...