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両親に「なりたいものになって、幸せに生きるんだよ?」と言われてきた。そんな助言あってこそ、ボクはロリロリなおにゃのこが大好きな引き籠もりになったわけだ!My parents told me I can become anything, so I became a lolicon.


Thinking about making an embarrassing Logan Paul parody video in the local forest where I hang up my dead Rem dakimakura and cry like a little girl. Yes/No? 🤔

Finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I cry. 😭

Not as polished as its absolutely fantastic predecessor but still a masterpiece of a jrpg in terms of world exploring, characters and story telling. This is a prime example of just how fantastic this genre can get! Score: 10/10

That was a surprisingly good first episode of Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho! I've seen a lot in my anime life but school girls traveling to Antarctica is new for me. Also: I really like the art style.

Should you watch this? Yes.

With Filthy Frank aniki ending his career and no social media platform left where I can freely express myself (thanks twitter) I'm honestly thinking about doing the same. It's just not tanoshii anymore.

My top 5 animus of the year 2017:

1. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
2. Made in Abyss
3. Sakura Quest
4. Kemono Friends
5. Eromanga Sensei (Sagiri is just too hot!)

Mahoutsukai no Yome and 3-gatsu no Lion are still ongoing so gonna be on my 2018 top list.


爆死した挙句、年末に4騎士混ぜという闇鍋ガチャを耳にしたエロい人は名状しがたいなんかがぶぁっと!出て、ペンを走らせた結果、あれ?SAN値ゼロックスって最高じゃねぇという冒涜的結論に至った作品を垣間見えたあなたは SAN値チェックです。

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