Swim Day! 水泳の日 🌊🛀

Taishi Koiwai and Kōsuke Kumagaya taking a shower!
I think they're cute like that!💙


Ānya x Damian /ダミアニャ👀
ダミアン・デズモンド x アーニャ・フォージャー
I wanted to do an art by Damian Desmond! that's how i see it!

Bath Time!🛀🌊💧 浴

Reg, Nat, Shinggi and Kiyui enjoying aKnd taking a collective bath!
It's a scene I've always wanted to see!

レグ キユイ Reg and Kiyui pee!👀
Both are very cute!💙 💛

Marulk your Curious!😈
Marulk likes to spy on people taking a shower!

Reg wearing clothes!
Looks like the underwear isn't right! 😅

Yuuto Sakurai (桜井 優人)🧐

I think he's so cute, I always wanted to make him like this!


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