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Few know that, for example, the main reason for the catastrophe which happened on our Midgard-earth 13016 years ago(2007)(The book is written in 2007)was ignorance and excessive ambition on the part of the magician-rulers of Antlan (Atlantis), when they decided to indulge their vanity and show their power. They decided to play with the elements of nature, having a superficial knowledge about it. As a result of their actions the fragments of a small moon, Fatta, fell on Midgard-earth and not...

I would like to remind my readers that the sacral name is a key and reflects the level of evolutional development of its transmitter in the space hierarchy. Every change of the sacral name of any creature happens only when this creature emerges at a fundamentally new level of evolutional development. The higher the level of development, the more dramatic and important qualitative changes have to happen in order that the new sacral name could mature, in the most direct sense of this word.

Although, according to a famous phrase from an old Soviet movie: the saving of a drowning man is his own business, any reasoning creature (in the complete sense of this word) cannot let everything run itself because other creatures have not woken up yet. And if a creature thinks and acts as if it is none of his business, it means that he is not on the side of Light!
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those who already woke up have to take upon their own shoulders a burden both for themselves and for all those who still sleep! It is tantamount to a dilemma, whether it is necessary to rescue children from danger, if they do not see and understand it. There is only one answer: one must rescue them without waiting for “manna from heaven” which,
by the way, is hardly likely to fall from the sky; at least, nothing of the kind has happened yet.
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...When the planetary catastrophe occurred 13,016 years ago (2007 The book is written in 2007), no “manna from heaven” fell from the sky, only thermonuclear bombs and fragments of the small moon Fatta: instead of “manna” those who survived got poisoned by irradiated water and fruits and had to fight for survival in the most appalling conditions.
book -“The mirror of my soul Volume 1. Born in the USSR”
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The war is going on. Today, they just deleted my account on the site-the-dots.com/users/dmitriy-shv
Without any warnings or explanations (they just deleted everything). Even yesterday the account was still available-and today it was deleted.
(and all this is due to the fact that someone does not really want the knowledge of N.Levashov and his wife Svetlana (who were killed for this information) became known to people)

Every time I come back into my past, I clearly understand that every action or decision I undertook was always a test. Because a person’s true essence manifests precisely in this kind of critical situation. It is easy to do correct things when everything goes all right and smoothly for you: the more so if such "correctness" is to your advantage and you run no risk whatsoever of losing anything. It is quite another thing when you defend your point of view, which due to all characteristics...

I never was afraid to go against the current and my own experience several times showed me that I could successfully do something supposedly impossible even though I had been told that it could not be done. In the beginning of my search I went against the current somewhat nervously and thought; what if everyone else is right and I am wrong? But even then I considered that I should try and ascertain the situation for myself. Besides, I did all this not in order to prove anything to anyone, ...

Too often a person realizes who was beside him only when he loses that and now nothing can be changed. He realizes that he should say tender words when they are needed most, not when considered necessary. Sometimes we think that the words which we repeat often lose their significance or they are vulgarized being pronounced by liars, scoundrels, traitors and hypocrites. But you should desire that the dearest person feels the warmth of your heart, care and attention. You should not postpone...

a creature which has chosen the light way must get through all obstacles, difficulties and temptations. Only when he has passed the tests, it is possible to be absolutely sure that he will not turn off the chosen way, which is a major condition for anyone who goes along the way of Light.
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для идущего по светлому пути НЕОБХОДИМО ПРОЙТИ ЧЕРЕЗ ВСЕ ПРЕПЯТСТВИЯ И ТРУДНОСТИ, СОБЛАЗНЫ И ИСКУШЕНИЯ. Только после этого можно с уверенностью сказать, что человек...

Our ancestors distinguished two stages of children according to age. The first stage lasted from the birth of a child till he or she was seven years old. There was no difference between boys and girls; they both were called an “unaware child”. Only when the child reached the age of seven did the volkhvs give a sacred name and children began to be distinguished by sex. A boy was called otrok. A girl was called orokovitsa.
And that meant that they had entered into the second stage...

a person, who managed to awaken, had to act according to his conscience and honour and often this was very inconvenient and involved a lot of problems. Because this could lead to suffering, loss of work, the ruining of a career, etc. Many people (however, not all) were not ready for this. It is better to remain asleep and have “beautiful dreams”,because the reality is so ugly—a typical small-minded philosophy. But the sleepers should know that at the moment when a person is freezing, he begins..

Nevertheless, many people prefer that someone else would do all the unskilled and unappreciated and some times risky jobs and, if anything works out there, they will be ready to join the winner. Our enemies tried to foster exactly this consumerist, small-minded attitude. To my joy, there were people, however few, who were not indifferent, who were not afraid to come forward for the right cause, without thinking about, whether it would bring them personal benefit or large problems.

It is difficult even to imagine what abilities and qualities man can have, if he chooses and follows the correct path. He will see then the real world—many-sided and shockingly beautiful, magnificent, amazing, delightful—there are not enough words-synonyms to transmit all the splendour of what we get used to calling Universe! In fact, what modern humanity understands under the concept
of the Universe differs from the real Universe, like the sky from earth!
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Most people are unable to reach the phase of man, because the parasitic system does everything possible and impossible to ensure that the masses are never able to overcome the phase of the reasonable animal (when instincts control a person) because only then can they exert control over these masses. But those who, nevertheless, were able to break through the evolutional barrier created by social parasites, began to fight against this parasitic system in order that other people could wake up and.

The servants of Dark Forces and the slaves of the physical bodies are unable to understand that there is something higher than physiology and if a person reaches the phase of man (man controls his instincts), his concept of love goes to a level unattainable at the phase of a reasonable animal; a level of such emotions and values which are totally unimaginable for those, who can not reach the level of man.
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Слугам Тёмных Сил и рабам своих физических ...

Under the concept “a certain level of evolutional development” is understood the following. Every intelligent creature, which occupies a hierarchical position, has a level of development, which is high enough for solving
all the problems of this civilization or the union of civilizations.The hierarchical position of an intelligent creature is a level of responsibility, which this creature is able to assume due to real abilities in resolving vital issues that their civilization or a union of...

The point is that Light Forces NEVER pass knowledge—a person
must be ready for it, and it is impossible to bestow enlightenment by the simple handing over of knowledge. The enlightenment comes when man does it on his own, passing through his consciousness new information and checking up his understanding in practice through his actions.
Only adequate practical actions show, whether this person comprehends new information correctly and is ready to move further. To pass knowledge to a person who..

The inhabitants of Midgard-earth have a unique possibility to get to the depths of the Universe
at distances which are simply unthinkable for most civilizations. Man of Midgard-earth has
the possibility to influence global processes at the level of both Small and Big Universes, using only
his consciousness, with his will power.

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У жителей Мидгард-Земли есть уникальная возможность проникнуть в
глубины Вселенной на расстояния, которые для большинства...