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Today they have unblocked me. :) shvestko.livejournal.com/
I repeat, if injustice happened to you, do not be silent! Immediately post information on the Internet. Only publicity in the media is our only weapon in this fight. While they can not ban the Internet, ( although they do their best to prevent the dissemination of information). Remember you are not alone!

the war continues ...
the second time I was illegally blocked by the Russian website. shvestko.livejournal.com/For the first time, they admitted their mistake and apologized.And now again blocked:)
Someone who really does not like that thanks to my creativity, the knowledge of N.V. Levashov nikolay-levashov.ru/English/in becomes known to people

(translation of the screenshot with their apology for the first time)
(post in my FB )facebook.com/Macroneon/posts/1

one more site illegally blocked me. macroneon.cgsociety.org/ The first time they blocked me, I wrote letters to them a week aski They completely ignored me. And now they blocked my account again and blocked me access to their group on facebook.
They all block me due to the fact that thanks to my work people get acquainted with the unique information that greatly influenced my life (information of N.V. Levashov and his wife