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Some doodles!
1. Phiri
2. Kail
3. 0steo's OC Mahir
4. Melonenbrot's OC Incu

Quick doodle of my friend Toki's OC Pandora

OC updates of my demon queen, her daughter and her son (daughter)

OC Update of Sapetia! Left is from 2013

Cat! My mysterious masked boy

me designing more OCs cause I obviously need more. His name is Phiri

Also included lines only version

Character design commission

Jessee, Uriel, and Avra commission

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"What are you gonna do with that big bat? Better make it count. Better make it hurt. Better kill me in one shot."

More fanart for @Lithiya this time of their OC "Cat" featuring Ella who is pissed off probs just because he even exists lol

They both wear masks so I did another version :blobmelt: :>

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