Ok, looks like mastodon is still fucked. Can't check nepfag here.


Yeah, my home timeline is all gone. Oh well, it's regenerating so it's ok, I think.

Testing here. Back after like 3 months away from this place.


It's hard to know what people are actually thinking.

It's easy to fall prey to paranoia over what they might be thinking.

It's official, I can't see @dolus posts too.

Sorry if I didn't replied to you before, lol. Only noticed you posted here because of japananon replying to you.

LOL, look at this. Jonathan McIntosh own all those games and he never played!


Look how much time he play in each game, lol.

>Clicks groups
Amazing clique, man.

@cwb Got tired of gab.ai? Or it's because... you couldn't see lewds like here?!

@nepfag @dolus @boco @cwb @roka

Just tagging you guys so you can know something strange about Pawoo. You can forward this to friends.

If you don't post anything specific to Pawoo, I from Pawoo cannot see your posts or even follow you. Feels weird.

I'm still waiting for Pawoo support reply about how much time it take before I can't see posts because someone didn't post to Pawoo. I suppose between various days to weeks.

Ok, looks like I'm blocked by @nepfag
>Can't follow him
>Can't see his posts unless check his profile

No wonder I though it was strange I didn't see nepfag in my feed.

Now the question is what I did to earn the block, lol.

Guess since Metroid is returning, we will see more lewds of Samus soon.

Thanks, pixiv artists.

Guys, what are your thoughts about Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid: Samus Returns?

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Would you be willing to test a plugin that uses an open CDN (like github, gitlab self-hosting, etc) for Qvitter? I was debating on this idea to speed up the use of my website load times, maybe it is not a thing that needs to happen, but just playing around with the idea. This would allow one to always have the latest qvitter version without having to worry about updates.
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