A friend of mine drew a nice character so it put her in a ferrari.

I'm looking for someone to help me break a very rudimentary piece of DRM, I can pay.

From what I understand it isn't very complex, so if anyone wants to give it a go, please let me know.

You would be helping a massive community too.

I've decided it, I'm going to become a teacher to push free software in education.

call me an idiot, but if I can avoid it, I'd much rather die under a bridge poor than develop proprietary software

I don't want to become adobe and be known for creating an evil tool like photoshop

My life isn't worth it enough to warrant creating software that oppresses others

The growth of free software is important, but do we actually want the core, hardcore free software community to grow? It seems like people appear in the community and try to change it, without being actually that useful to the community, they just seem to become bossy (I don't consider myself a part of the community either, because I don't contribute much, this is my outsider's view.

Also, interestingly, I've heard this idea thrown around that free software should be re-thought so that it isn't allowed to deny non-software freedoms, I personally think this is out of the scope.

I have heard some word that RMS's situation might have been a plot by the DoD to make copyleft licenses less used so they can use software on drones by forcing a change of paradigm in the free software community, hm...

And if you need explaining, I can do so, I've studied the case.

I find it amusing that people say RMS defended Minsky or Epstein, when if you look at the email, he clearly doesn't do, he is just pedantic about one of the terms used to describe their crimes, but he doesn't doubt he committed them, I don't see how this is an unreasonable way of thinking.

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Why I am really against fascism, I think making your projects non-free doesn't sound like a good idea, and quite detrimental imo.

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