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"Oh merde! I take of ze chandail to cool'off, and I spill ze'peinture blanche en moi. Poisson, get ze towelle..."

Here's the other concept sketch I did, Annie from Wild Guns. I've had something of a history with this lady. I tried drawing her back in 2016, but that plan fell through. There more info about this sketch on my main gallery.

Been on a concept sketch spree in preparation for 2021 artwork. Finished another concept sketch for a future pic. This is Hannah Dundee from Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. I kept forgetting about her for several years. It wasn't until recently that I was reminded and I finally put that on my to-draw list.

More info about this sketch and what I have planned over on my main gallery.


A commission from one of my regulars, here's Eliza from Skullgirls! Finished this last year. If took a retry and several months to get done.

Info about its creation, as well as NSFW versions, can be found on my main gallery.

Next pic I worked on after Piccolo and Gohan was Tong Pooh from the Strider series. Her outfit I based mostly on her original appearance in Srider and Marvel vs. Capcom. But the background I based directly on Strider 2's Neo Hong Kong stage where you fight her.

More info on its creation over on my main gallery, the Blue Fish Apartment.

Next was a commission from my manager at my old part-time job. He was a big Dragon Ball Z fan and commissioned me to draw this famous scene early in the series. More info about its creation over on my main gallery.

I'll go ahead and bring everyone up to speed with the artwork now up on Blue Fish Apartment.

Here's Helene from the NES game, The Battle of Olympus. I drew this last year in 2019.

# オリュンポスの戦い

I've revamped and rebuilt my personal gallery from the ground up. It's no longer on FC2 Blog, but now fully self-hosted.

Say Hello to the new Blue Fish Apartment, now in open Beta.

I already showed this once before (good lord back in 2018!), but I'll show this again because this was fun to draw.

Here's my original character, The Fearless* Belinda Cauldron. Not often I draw buttshots. Here's hoping something incentivises me to draw more of them.

#イラスト #尻 #魔女 #オリキャラ

There's a more formal way I want to upload these pics here, but I'll wait until I open the new gallery. For now I'll just briefly talk about some of them.

The first one is my Frozen Shade illustration from last year.
The second illustration is the last pic I did for 2019, Sonia Belmont from Castlevania Legends.

#悪魔城ドラキュラ #イラスト #レオタード #レトロゲーム

Goooooooooooooood Morning Pawoooooooooooooo!
(And good evening from New York City).

Lots of things have changed around here since the last time I posted.

*Several new pics got completed.
*A New Gallery site is being worked on
*I got a Cintiq 16, my first display tablet (Replaces my Intuos4)
*Got back to traditional coloring using brush pens

I'll post some pics to bring ya'll up to speed.

Oh good lord a whole bunch of my account here is outdated! Have I been gone that long?

Ahoy! I'm back!
Gonna hang with ya'll until things calm the fuck down over there.

The background now has its second sketch done. It was a bit difficult since I'm going based off the Neo Tokyo - High Society Residential District area of Strider 2, the stage you fight her in. It's a PS1 era game, so I kinda needed to wing it with some elements, particularly with the cars and parts of the buildings.

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