Luo Bao Bei :3

I would have done more details but I have to advance in other pending projects, also I did not like it very much because I know I could have done it better, but that's fine.

Support my work if you like it!

Link and Aryll doing some sibling bonding in her favorite spot~ Link gotta be careful not to thrust her over the edge :smuggest:

Tanless versions:

"Favourite plushie"
OCs: Daryl/Diana [father/daughter]

loli kim is back :) i know a lot of people love my drawing of loi kim with her mom they could not miss X)
little reminder: i have many exclusive content of her in my FANBOX XP

was working on a longer animation but didn't have time to finish it, so here's a teaser, I posted this plus a small wip on fanbox:

but yeah happy holidays! hope you have a great rest of your week and spend some nice time with your loved ones, byee~

#γƒ­γƒͺ release

this is the lolitober pic that I made a set instead, if you're wondering who this is, she's Shimo Hisae, you can check her streams on twitch!


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