Does anyone Want to do something with me? I have a collab I would Like to do with anyone willing.

If you want to take part and be apart of the next drawing, Tell me in the comments, send the OC you want me to put in it and I will get back. Any Nudity is allowed but could be posted on Pixiv if not here.

This is a fun little thing I would love to do with others, since I don't have much to do anyways. Hope you could consider.

The Children from the old Loxie and Zoot comics. I enjoyed those comics a lot back then. These were made using Picrew. More art in the future will be Hand-Drawn by me.

Check out the full comic yourself:

Enjoy and please comment!

Made my two OC’s Jake and Julia from a random image found from search.

The full Loud House family in a Brand “nude” Day. Enjoy. Work hand-drawn by me

Can anyone help me find something?

I am trying to look for a specific anime I saw a year back. I don’t remember the name . it looked something like this.

Poorly drawn I know? I think a quote from it was: “I cant if I don’t take it off”

help me out here.

This photo of Ronnie Anne isn’t mine but I do enjoy looking at it. Imagine pulling those trousers off!! Hehehee...

Work done by BrutolepsyMcRugen on DeviantArt. Did pretty good with these but has disappeared suddenly.

Julia enjoying the beach life and ruthlessly getting a tattoo.

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