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pixivFANBOXで2020/09/04/決闘が始まるを公開しました! こちらの投稿は無料公開となっておりますので是非ご覧ください🙂 ⚔️ 😡 simanou.fanbox.cc/posts/133308


配信で描きました!パンツの日(デジモンF 純平くん) | オベッチョ pixiv.net/artworks/83411389

Just a couple of young sweaty jocks getting feisty in the locker room.
They watched porn and jerked off together one weekend, and they can't stop thinking about it! Finally they got the chance to relieve themselves. During one of their after school practice, they sneaked out while nobody's in the locker room. They swear they're straight but they can't seem to stop staring at each other's hung dicks! They showered together afterwards. They wanted to kiss each other so bad.

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