Actually, I'm now considering moving my primary email to Posteo. Deutschland may be part of Fourteen Eyes, but you know, whatever. Why can't someone set up an email provider in the middle of the ocean or something like Sealand?
@wowaname problem is, I don't have a boat… or a suitable ISP. If you make one and support custom domains, I'll happily pay $5/month.

@hector i mean i do host mail services but right now im using dedicated servers in moldova, and i plan to colocate in the usa

@wowaname why Moldova? Also why USA, the surveillance and NSLs are terrible

@hector i didnt particularly choose my host because of the location. and i live in the usa, why do you think i would ship my servers god knows where and not be able to drive there and maintain them


@hector also you act as if cryptography isnt a thing

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