looks like Marco finally found a way to get along with Meteora 😏 ❤️

art by @Lord_Amoniaco
colored by me

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Hi, I know that I have abandoned this site but I really want to focus on my patreon (which is more like a can of tips) so almost all new drawings go there, except commissions.

And that is why today I bring you some commissions that they commissioned me and that they let me publish, I hope you like it

Chibi Usa
character voted by fanbox supporters!
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Yet another drawpile thing. I just love Star :blobheart:

Hot Mom + Rave + Drugs + Hot daughter = We don't talk about this ever, ok?

Also OC, so don't repost.

SVTFOE Starco Marco Diaz Star Butterfly Fluff Crossdressing SFW

RE: The Bandwagon [SAMPLE]

Get full access for the lowest tier of $2 only at subscribestar.adult/oozutsucan (only here due to Patreo TOS).
The more subscribers the more easier making comics will be!
or you can always wait for the eventual public release in 2-3 months at Pixiv.

I've also got these old sketches of Star's Sexy Shoulders I cleaned up a little.
#starvstheforcesofevil #starbutterfly

Photoshot! page 9
Emergency commissions only 4
I need to pay for some plane tickets, or else i will not see my hometown for the next year, message me at Discord Zardooz#6770

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