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@eskuero small cute cocs are also fine though, I love all kinds, I'm not sexist, egalitarianism forever etc

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Men literally only want one thing and it's fucking each other.

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@djabadu that game was such a fucking snoozefest I'd marathon Zero's Familiar over seeing it. I lost life energy I ain't ever getting back watching it. People actually paid for this garbage when we could have been funding genetically engineered prepubescent sex slaves instead. Gas the stadiums, Marxism-Flatchestism now.

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last one for tonight

(n): two genderless creatures having an asexual interaction in twitter

the absolute state of ☭☭☭translation☭☭☭
gas gulags now

My solution to buying : place them side by side in a straight line, grab a shotgun, and start shooting.

"My ideas have never really been tried." — Millennial whose ideas should've died in the 20th century and have caused genocides every single time they've been tried.

The is the . You may not like it, but this is what peak looks like.

(The ideal female body is also available for purchase

body part fetishism alignment chart

Blue checkmarks mad.

This is our Black Panther.

In 2019 you're a degenerate if you AREN'T a cuckold.

Lolis cause violence.

I'm violently beating my meat.


The most unrealistic part of the show is paying millions for photographs when you could've shipped loli manga instead.

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When a disease infects a human, we give them medicine that kills the pathogenic, alien organism. What should we do with the pathogens that infect our society? 🤔

You're a journalist talking with a student trying to flee from an active school shooting. Do you:
☐ call the police
☐ try to get him out
☑ try to schedule an interview

Journalists aren't human. They are a disease.

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