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@eskuero small cute cocs are also fine though, I love all kinds, I'm not sexist, egalitarianism forever etc

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Men literally only want one thing and it's fucking each other.

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@djabadu that game was such a fucking snoozefest I'd marathon Zero's Familiar over seeing it. I lost life energy I ain't ever getting back watching it. People actually paid for this garbage when we could have been funding genetically engineered prepubescent sex slaves instead. Gas the stadiums, Marxism-Flatchestism now.

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last one for tonight

Blue checkmarks mad.

This is our Black Panther.

In 2019 you're a degenerate if you AREN'T a cuckold.

Lolis cause violence.

I'm violently beating my meat.


The most unrealistic part of the show is paying millions for photographs when you could've shipped loli manga instead.

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When a disease infects a human, we give them medicine that kills the pathogenic, alien organism. What should we do with the pathogens that infect our society? 🤔

You're a journalist talking with a student trying to flee from an active school shooting. Do you:
☐ call the police
☐ try to get him out
☑ try to schedule an interview

Journalists aren't human. They are a disease.

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Exhentai is gone. I'm happy I managed to save all the content I wanted from my favorites.

But I'm sad that there's probably a whole sea of gems I've missed and will never get to see now. :blobcry:

Rust is cancer evidence post #420.

"Murata talked everyone into making the elf look underage"


“Inspiring little girls to excel, 10/10” — Wall Street Journal

Angry Ariel is black? Don't post angry comments on the internet. Double down. Outcrazy them. This is how you win in the 🤡🌍

Abolition of slavery:
Greece (modern): 1832, same as the date of independence
USA: 1865, after a civil war, because half the country disagreed

New York Times "journalist" with blue checkmark BTW.

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