Her breast alone can damage the car windshield and break it into pieces combined with her weight. Totally huge boner :^)

Ahoy〜長い間ごめんなさい、触手を描くのはこれが初めてだったので、完了するのにかなり時間がかかりました。 また、偶然にせんちょ記念日に終了しました。 とても幸せな記念日、せんちょ! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ (Google Translate)

Ahoy~ sorry for the long wait, this was my first attempt at drawing tentacles so it took quite some time to finish. Also, coincidentally it was finished on senchou anniversary. So happy anniversary, senchou! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

せんちょうはとてもセクシーです〜💕 (Google Translate)
Happy Anniversary!
Senchou is very sexy~💕

I am back and will start doing more loods. Everytime I made new artwork I just had to say that the girls are irresistibly cute and lewd af (so that's why I picked them) :^)

Also to note that I have opened SubscribeStar, its a very fun website to play with, you guys should give it a try :)


This is already late so I had to post it now although I planned 2 more version for her. I wasn't able to deliver it on time with my tight schedule currently.


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