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I do smut with an emphasis on a variety of body shapes and cozy snuggling. If you're interested, you can find my commission details at tommeypinkiemonkey.newgrounds. and I've also got a Ko-fi at Anyway, cheers for stopping by. I appreciate it. โ™ฅ

I'm probably gonna be switching to Baraag as my primary Mastodon instance. I don't think Pawoo is exactly the place for anglophones, plus the interface seems a wee bit more convenient. So yeah, you can now follow me at

Commission: Samantha from Freak Out/Stretch Panic.

This lineart was commissioned by Oddrich who then proceeded to colour it. You can check it out at

Some Mimosas to try and calm myself down. Drawing her usually proves therapeutic for me. #Sushiandfriends

#mastoart #art

Trying to find my motivation again. It's a bit tricky what with my current workspace hurting my back, plus it's crammed in the corner of my dad's living room so I've got insufficient privacy at the moment.

But it's better than nowt, I guess?

Commission: Ma Munchapper from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

Everyone remembers Link constantly trying to kiss Zelda in the 90s cartoon, but Zelda was honestly just as ridiculously horny in the heat of the moment.

My friend drew a cute cow lady, so I had to also give her a go. Her name's Annabel.

I've been drawing these characters for a while now, but I think it's time to finally set myself some more specific guidelines for their anatomical quirks for the sake of consistency. #Sushiandfriends

Commission: Blaze and Skate from Streets of Rage suddenly get a bit more intimate.

Commission: DK, Dixie and Diddy having themselves a funky group session.

Commission: the threesome between Sparkster, Princess Sherry and Axel Gear intensifies.

Sushi gets a massage from Henry and Gerome, Henry having some fun with his mates, and Daisy May, a showgirl from Somerset.

The first ever Rule 34 of Thunder Force, a cross I shall now bear with great fucking dignity. No regrets.

To gain permission to use Polar as his steed, Crash has to ride Mama Polar first to prove his worth.

Commission: Crash and Rule 63'd Coco continue to learn more about sharing thanks to Tawna.

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