I'm still alive and I plan to participate in again.

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Here it is! The prompt list for Lolitober 2022!
Let's all have fun once again this year creating some cute (and possibly even funny) art! ^o^
Please feel free to download and share the list around!
And remember to not push yourself too hard. I'll see you there~πŸ§βœ¨πŸŽƒπŸ’— #Lolitober

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Animated collab with @shino featuring Beebz from Demon Turf 😈

Check out pestil.fanbox.cc for a higher res and some extras.
#loli #beebz #demon_turf

Some practice sketches based on WaifuLabs generated images

Pippa is a rabbit of culture as usual 😭
Pink rabbit: based
Pink cat: cringe

Might as well post this edit of a previous sketch I did as a favor

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I'm playing around trying to improve my coloring/shading. Here's a progress update. #loli #nsfw

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