The Syreth Clan

Building the cathedral. Windows next.

Made a catapult that mines rocks to reload itself.

Hinagara progress. Found this great app to help me out.

Development of BuKnight will resume tomorrow. I will finish up the runes and the platforms they will toggle on and off.

The glass tiles blended in too much with the background so I might just steal the bell gimmick from Tsurara's old bunny game.

So the big question now is: is BuKnight translated as ぶないと like how you write it, or ばないと like how you spell it?

Oh yeah, I haven't even show you this, huh?
I got fan art. Credit to LockeRobster

Japanese is so difficult... or just very unusual, rather.

BuKnight will now save and load options and controls into a separate .ini file.

An old meme that'd be a shame to lose.

All my attempts at wolves so far. Will try again soon.