The Syreth Clan

Finally got the moving platforms to work properly, thanks to @Zejgar

Slopes! They're not working properly yet however.

ボーパル。。。 ヒューマン。

This just in: Twitter - amongst other things - is also a ransomware now.

My friend is taking underwater commissions, she needs money. If you're a fan of underwater check her out and consider supporting her.

Poor Bing Translation: 私の友人は水中手数料を取っている、彼女はお金が必要です。あなたは水中のファンなら、彼女をチェックし、彼女をサポートすることを検討してください。

Bossfight concept sketch. A fox with a repeating crossbow and a paper wing bagpack.

Drew this on Halloween, might as well post it here.