I'll need to grab some screenshots of it later, but had a little bit of fun with "Sex Ticket - The Day Women Become Walking Cum-Holes". Needs significantly more loli content though! Found one so far and it was very fun to give her one of the tickets to make her a semi-willing fuck toy <3

Here she is. Was a fun little sequence, though I wish I understood what she was saying better. Whoever made the game downloadable used machine translation so there's a lotta gibberish, but the animations make up for it


With the scenario of the game, any time you give a girl a ticket, their body and mind becomes brainwashed to *need* to be bred, and you can make them want to do anything, so I think a scenario like this machete comic would be great. You give a woman a ticket and brainwash her into wanting to let you fuck her baby girl while she's forced to get horny from watching watching

@Angelfan Even better! Absolutely hope they helped ;) Here's the last pic of that particular set, which makes me wish I could do more than 4 images at a time. also a few others from the same artist for good measure.

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