Here is a Cycles render with proper shadows. I will probably redo it with some tweaks, higher subsurf and higher sample count+denoising.

Hm, I've been wondering if I could abuse Eevee's irradiance volumes to generate shadows for the HDRI, but it looks pretty low-res, even with many samples. Hina made a little progress too.

I'm still on it. The eyes are so ridiculously difficult. Still WIP. The eye lashes are disconnected parts, so matching their weights to the face mesh is annoying. I might end up remaking them at some point.

Hm, there was too much distraction this week. But at least the mouth area and cheeks have weights now, and seem to work fine so far.

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No, Hina didn't get shelved. But she has something in common with my other modeling efforts so far: Making good facial morphs is a real pain, even with proportional editing. Sfter tons of unsatisfactory results, I decided to give facial bones a try. Let's see how this turns out.

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The skirt has bones now, and I just spent way too much time overhauling her mouth and tweaking her face. (I feel like this was not the last time.)

I did more weight editing.

I made some progress with her hair weights, and finished the inner mesh for her hair. (Might get more details later.)

Limited weights doesn't mean she can't go for a walk (as long as you don't move her around, lol.)
Materials are not final, but even the diffuse placeholders look nice in Cycles with HDRI lighting.

new lattice deform for her eyes, fine tuning for her jacket, and the first clothing weights

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Hair modelling progress. Old and new versions for comparison.

I guess the parts for her winter uniform are all there now. The next steps will be making them more detailed (folds, etc.) and weight painting them. (Long skirts are scary.)

Today my progress with the uniform was a bit better.

Not much progress today. Got started with her uniform. I think I will make all parts first, then start tweaking them.

I'm trying to make a model of Hinagiku in time for her birthday next week.