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hoi guys! you see... due some stuff i currently dont have a proper job xc! so i would reaaaally apreciate all support! thanks a lot for ur time
My Pixiv:

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I'll create a new pawoo account, linked with my new NSFW pixiv account.
After that, I'll delete all imgs and posts of this account.
Soon I'll share you my new pawoo ID.
Hugs and kisses.

I think it's a lil bit strange wishing someone Happy birthday by releasing tentacles to screw him in the ass but I really wish you Happy birthday @curryxmochi

Haaaaappy Halloweeennn!!!! >:3

I hope you had a happy halloween and have a lot of shotas.... I say candy xD

Espero que hayas tenido un feliz halloween y que tengas muchas shotas .... digo dulces xD


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day 16 threesome

I've got 7-8 new OCs those I want to draw more than 1 time from this Kinktober
These bois are 3 of them.

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Babysitting the maximoff brothers could be a real hustle... But David knows how to calm them down 🌱

Deluxe commission for [Ricky] 😈


it's easy when you're big in the sauna...
Oh, you're big in the sauna, tonight,
Big in the sauna, be tight
Big in the sauna

Hoi! I'm opening commissions
If you are interested, then please dm me and i will get to it as soon as i can.

For more info you can also check out my terms of service!

Commission for cbal!

Little bro Tyler keeping his big bro's ego in check~


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