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@takatou_sora The intensity of her turmoil is as gripping as her pubescent body is lovely. It's pretty powerful as she's spread almost gently contrasting with her struggling to keep from fighting back despite her terror. They must have a good mental hold on her too. 😮 There's so much more going on. 🤔 Gorgeous work on the suffering sweetheart. I love those chest plums & cute freckles. BTW You did the chair pattern yourself? (Because of the title…) Thanks.

@Allan_Grey Thank you for your impression. As for Chair pattern, because I needed tiled pattern for the artwork, I did it myself by referring some chairs photos.

@takatou_sora You succeeded beautifully. I think that detailing, plus the fine carving of the wood, adds to that classy feeling I got from the poor little sweetie.

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