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A segment of Raging Golden Eagle's stream that is a very important thing to consider... the government is willing to BAN ENCRYPTION! Of course they are using children as political pawns as usual.

Wanna catch a predator? Find out who killed Epstein! There is where you'll find them!

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Do you see why anti-lolicon laws are bad? We CANNOT allow laws like this in the United States!

NOTE: I don't actually think all jews are bad. It's just that the bad ones know how to get power. Also, Japanese people aren't jewish... that's just a fucking lie told to justify banning hentai. Porn in and of itself isn't a "jewish weapon." That's some take that some neo-Nazis come up with to justify their theocratic policies they want to enforce.

Whoever made this decision to KILL this baby needs to be charged with MURDER!

Religious Nazis will interpret the girl in a hentai (or even non-hentai!) pic to be the age that is the lowest they can call it. They want ALL hentai to be considered "child porn" because of the *mere possibility* the girl could be interpreted as 17 years and 364 days old.

According to the guy in the linked tweet, this is supposedly lolicon... WTF!? This is a GROWN WOMAN!

And you wonder why I want government to stay out of art... The government nor anyone else should be the sole arbiter of what art is "underage," which art is "pornographic," or what not. It is all subjective. "I know it when I see it" is not good enough to justify a law against something.

Image included for context.

Why are the globalists seemingly jewish? They simply have a better ability to persuade and not get caught being criminals. It is this ability to persuade that allows the few evil jewish people to grab power.

These bankers aren't evil because they are jewish. They are evil because they misuse their innate ability for persuasion.