@straynight 煽りライトだとこう影の処理すれば良いのか 勉強になる

@magnesite かーなり嘘ついてるところありますが見栄え重視

@Eidolon0 Umm... This name is original material is the "Straylight" of Neuromancer.

The science fiction novel is very old but very cool.

@straynight i know. i got like 3 chapters in and something prevented me going back. not with the novel. the novel was fine, just external influences, and then i forgot i guess.

@Eidolon0 I read Japanese translation, but it was a little difficult. But it was a very good novel. It is good to read when you have time.

@straynight the translation may have been a little off. you're going to hate me for this, but it's actually "straylight".