Burton from Ninjala! But his clothes are from Splatoon, specifically from Goggles-kun from the manga~

Heya! Shirou here, and here's Ash and Goh doing...stuff. Hehe...

Octoling boy OC commissioned by @seatrooper
It was a fun commission, especially coming up with a unique hairstyle for an octoboy!

Here is on of my art that I sell at OioiBunny! This is also one of my favorites.

Here! Have another one of Elio~
This was during an art trade with DM0N.

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Just in time for Sinday! :3c
A commission for @seatrooper ! Thank you for your support! 🎉

Hiya! Shirou here! AKA ShirouM, or ShirouM046. I'm a shota artist, and this is my new pawoo account. I would start posting here as well from now on!


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