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What if an entire operating system can be configured in a Lisp dialect?

That is Emacs, you say? No, your Emacs is running on some kind of Unix or [the other thing].

Guix is the Emacs-like replacement for Unix.

Since Emacs is the most advanced text editor, I have no doubt that Guix can be the most advanced operating system if following similar principles.

(Maybe Guix should ship with an Emacs that is a Guile interpreter instead of an elisp interpreter, so that there’s only one simple language for the user to learn.)

Guix is the next big GNU thing after Emacs.

transactional upgrades and roll-backs (no need to choose between Debian stable and testing)
reproducible build environments (forget docker and vagrant)
unprivileged package management (I wonder why most package managers don’t have this already)
per-user profiles (forget pip installs into virtualenvs)

#emacs #guix #guile #gnuguix

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"Indeed. Lambda = function. Hook = callback. I'm inclined to agree that Emacs is not ideal for someone who (1) does not already know these concepts, and (2) has no interest in learning them."

(3) Is not a programmer! What kind of programmer doesn't know what hooks or lambdas are !? This kind of stuff drives me crazy. What do you mean I have to write a bit of code to customise my development environment !? What do I look like? A programmer or something!? #emacs

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I just donated 25 euros worth of bitcoins to the developers of Magit, an interface to the version control system Git implemented as an Emacs package:

Magit is extremely useful to me, and I use it every single day in order to manage my orgmode documents, my ledger documents, and my dotfiles.

Thank you for having created Magit! 😀

#emacs #git #magit #bitcoin #donations

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@distrotube If you are serious about learning #emacs, you should learn to start it in terminal mode `emacs -nw` or if you want faster startup use `emacsclient -nw`, you should even make an `alias vim='emacsclient -nw'` so you won't be tempted.

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A great emacs tutorial! Perfect for begginers. But also useful tips for experienced users.
#emacs #programming #orgmode

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As a long time #vim user, I've recently switched to #emacs, particularly for #orgmode. Transitioning between them was a bit confusing, so I wrote a small blog post answering some questions I had while trying to figure out how to think about using emacs

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What editor do you use for #Haskell?

I was happy with #Emacs until Intero got discontinued. Now I'm looking either for a new (easy to set up) Emacs mode or something completely different.

Solutions equally suitable for small scripts as well as real world applications preferred.

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I'm redoing my org-mode to PDF setup, and its working great and predictably. I've used the new setup for an assignment which came out well. Now doing the second, I only checked the PDF output twice for a 6/7 page long report.

I'm using Zotero + Org mode, and instead of org-ref, which is huge + depends on helm & hydra which I don't want, I'm writing some org-mode macros that expand to relevant LaTeX.

Gotta write a blog about this sometime soon.

#emacs #orgmode

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Wombat is a lovely theme from #Emacs' defaults, but I don't like its colours for #orgmode headlines. Here is a nicer scheme:

(let ((colours ["yellow green" "khaki" "dark sea green" "light sea green" "steel blue" "slate blue" "orchid" "hotpink"]))
(dotimes (i 7)
(let ((face (intern (format "org-level-%d" (1+ i)))))
(set-face-attribute face nil :foreground (aref colours i)))))

I had no idea that Battlestar Galactica was written by Mormons until today.

I thought I'd see some good art on this instance.

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I understand the value of intellectual property. I just feel that the implementation of licensing, and copyright leaves much to be desired.

If you have people in one region using VPNs to access content that another region has for free, then there's room for improvement.

The "Through the Word" app has rich and informative expositions of Scripture, but you can't select audio guides a la carte. Instead you have to enter codes for specific Bible reading plans to access a selection of audio guides.

It'd be great if someone published Bible audio commentaries online in an open, yet organized format.

Most of the artists that I wanted to follow on pawoo are inactive :ousaki_pororu_thinking:

For all you adults out there, how do you manage to stay responsible and not fall behind? Between taking care of maintenance to paying bills, I'm honestly terrified of life after university.

Gonna meet up with my aunt pretty soon. She and I rarely go to family gatherings, so it's been over a month since I've seen her. Hoping to catch up.

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