users: If your reason for joining Mastodon is to post nudes and/or pornography, please start looking into other Mastodon servers to join.

We're happy to have been a sandbox where you can figure out how Mastodon works and get comfortable with it, but isn't really suited to large volumes of adult content. comes to mind as a server that might be better-suited to your content.

Thank you!

hot take: pick me pick me, i'm a hufflepuff but same

Do not, i repeat, go back through my old toots attempting to find better ones--a fruitless endeavor to be sure

PSA (cw pedophilia, bestiality) 

anyways glitchedpuppet @glip and lexyeevee/"veekun" @eevee are pedophile/zoophile enablers and have pedophilic/zoophilic tendencies themselves


I like the days where we go and boost old stuff because social media is like a cable network: sometimes you need to air reruns

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