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I'm 28 years old and my parents just saw fit to give me two separate lectures about campfire safety

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Contrary to popular belief, nuclear is safest major energy source

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almost signed up with the DSA and then realized I don't want "Democratic Left" magazine being mailed to my parents' house. Or any other magazine.

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friend: wonderwall is a good song
me: first of all, how dare u how could u do this to me

Looks like twitter fucked up their reply system even more, awesome

Rejected for debt consolidation loan. Stated reason: Too many accounts with balances

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Other Equally Baffling Extinct Things That The 13th Doctor's TARDIS Could Disguise Itself As

1. A Public Telephone Booth
2. A Video Rental Store
3. A Newspaper Office
4. A Shopping Mall
5. A Taxi Stand
6. A Truck Stop
7. A Public Library
8. A Hospital
9. A School
10. A London House Not Currently Empty And Owned By A Russian Billionaire
11. A London Politician Not Currently Empty And Owned By A Russian Billionaire
12. A London Council Tower Block Not Currently On Fire
13. Hope

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That feel when you accidentally click on something in this day and age when websites take forever to load because of JavaScript bloat, too many asynchronous requests, and huge files.

That feel when your accidentally clicked on it because of this day and age when what you meant to click on moved an instant before you actually clicked, causing you to click on the wrong thing, which is a trend in website design in this day and age.
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How hard is it to be a rich and famous Internet personality and resist the temptation to advocate for racial purity on Twitter

I just read the first volume of boku no hero academia, expecting (wanting?) to hate it.

It's really good :\

think I woke up exactly in the middle of a sleep cycle, holy shit I'm miserable

All three instances I used to use are now gone, so... hello again! If pawoo goes down I think mastodon is over


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