Bitcoin – the future currency, the hope of million
BTC has been around for a long time, the whole process of formation and development of BTC has given investors many different emotions: from hope to disappointment, from collapse to burst. Why say BTC will be a global alternative to fiat currency? Primexbt will help you answer this question?

How to deal with a major crypto crash? Prepare well mentally with investing in Bitcoin
A crash, be it a stock or a cryptocurrency, is a time of the most stress and anxiety for many people. No one wants to lose profits that have accumulated over a long period of time.
But the reality is that crashes are an important part of investing. Primexbt will help you better understand this issue.

Analyst correctly predicts BTC monthly close – October target is $63,000
Before a series of bad information from the country of billions of people, China. Experiencing the last days of September with nothing flourishing, investors still hope and believe that the financial market will improve in the last 3 months of the year. Today is the first day of the fourth quarter.

Tools, technical indicators Part 2: ELLIOTT WAVE
As part 1 we mentioned to you Dow Theory, this is considered the basic principle for the birth of all technical analysis methods. But next, let’s dive into the specific analysis of the cycle structure of the price trend and the theory that Primexbt wants to talk about can only be Elliott Wave- An important technical analysis tool that no trader knows. can be overlooked.

Tools, technical indicators Part 1: Dow Theory
Dow theory is known as the foundation of all schools, indicators and technical analysis tools, created by Mr. Charles H. Dow, the basic principles of this theory have been formed through through a series of editorials he wrote in the Wall Street Journal.

The battle between Gold and Bitcoin in the financial market
The whole world is witnessing the cruelty and consequences of the pandemic when it has been and continues to occur in many countries around the world? Great powers like Britain, France, the US, and Germany were also invaded by the pandemic. The loss of life is the heaviest damage caused by the pandemic. Not only that, the economic damage is also not small.

PrimeXBT – No.1 candidate for Bitcoin trading
Released more than a year ago, Primexbt trading has gradually defeated the heavyweights and asserted itself in the financial market, especially in terms of Bitcoin trading in the cryptocurrency market. Along with Binance and also showing many advantages over Binance, Primexbt affirms that it will soon be more popular with users around the world, bringing Primexbt service to all investors who trust and support.

7 mistakes to avoid when investing in financial markets. Especially Bitcoin investment.
In the traditional financial market, the price drop is a very difficult problem because then the assets of investors will be lost a lot, their mood develops according to many emotional levels. it is called market sentiment which was mentioned by Primexbt in the previous post.

Avoid scam traps in the cryptocurrency market
Technology is constantly developing, especially Blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies, which is increasingly receiving the recognition of the masses. One thing that cannot be denied is the great benefits that cryptocurrencies bring, but there are also outstanding problems and of course it brings anxiety to investors, especially new investors.

Market psychology in trading
When you start getting acquainted with the financial market, the phrase you will hear a lot is “Market sentiment. So do you understand what market sentiment is? Are there any indicators or tools to measure sentiment?

A look back at the pros and cons of Primexbt trading
In early 2019, PrimeXBT trading has gradually asserted its position and has expanded its premises to open St.Vincent and Grenadine offices. Furthermore, the company has moved its commercial infrastructure to Switzerland. With a high daily trading volume currently at $375 million on the platform, the platform has achieved great success in a very short time.

Primexbt expands cooperation with units to make it easier for users to trade bitcoin
In January 2021 Primexbt trading platform is proud to announce that it has successfully partnered with Coinify – an infrastructure platform that allows investors to buy Bitcoin and various leading cryptocurrencies, helping users Primexbt easier and more affordable digital asset ownership and Primexbt service is more improved.

# 1 Primexbt trading platform for active trading
Boost your profits with the power of 100X leverage. Go Long / Short on a secure and ultra-fast platform.
# 2 More than just Bitcoin trading
Trade Cryptocurrencies, Stock indexes, Commodities and Forex with btc, eth, usdt, usdc

With Primexbt Trading You Get :
Highest leverage across all assets
Competitive trading fees
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