I don't expect my originals to sell at con, but it would be nice if they did.

Violet Evergarden vague spoilers 

I liked the episodic storytelling though! Similar to Kino's Journey and Mushishi. The stories were kind of predictable, but death hits different and similarly. (I still cried on some eps.) I also kinda like war novels, so it was fine.
I have yet to watch the movies though. I'm sorry kyoani, but I've always thought their movies did their series a disservice, so I am very worried. ;; I will probably watch them still when I find 3-4 hours to kill.

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Violet Evergarden vague spoilers 

I went in blind, only knowing that it was kyoani? But even if I don't love it, it certainly hit me multiple times. I've been told that I'm kind of cold and emotionless at first glance, and when I was younger, I was even moreso all serious business, so the main character was relatable in that aspect. I found a lot of the other characters somewhat annoying though. Some were forgiven for their VA haha... A boy's high heels knocking a bomb of a bridge though 🤣

Man I sure like to binge watch/read random stuff to kill time. I hate spoilers and would never want to spoil anyone, even vaguely, so I might just talk about my random binges here? I also tend to talk negatively about things even though I actually like them, haha;;; Just fyi

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